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Polyester Carpet

As one of the best-selling synthetic carpet fibers, polyester satisfies when it comes to durability, and this budget-friendly nylon alternative fits in beautifully with all home decor styles.

About Polyester Carpet


When you think of polyester, do you immediately imagine neon-hued, mod-style shirts and dresses from the 1960s? If so, you wouldn't be wrong, since that's the era when polyester's popularity first soared. But when it comes to polyester carpeting, there's no comparison to the old days. This budget-friendly alternative to nylon fits in beautifully with all home decor styles, from a monochromatic modern home to a mid-century rambler. 


How Durable Is Polyester Carpeting? 


As one of the best-selling synthetic carpet fibers available, polyester carpet clearly satisfies when it comes to durability. The individual strands of polyester are hydrophobic, meaning they will inherently repel the spill that comes from knocking your water glass off the bedside table. And if you don't happen to notice for a while, no need to worry about mold or mildew since it's naturally resistant


But, before you go carpeting your entire home in polyester to take advantage of its innate benefits, it's worth noting that this fiber doesn't rebound from footprints and other indentations nearly as well as nylon. Polyester carpet shines in bedrooms, offices, and other spaces where your kids and pets aren't parading through nonstop.




Good news! Choosing polyester carpeting won't hinder your eclectic, bohemian vibe or cheapen your refined renovation. In fact, polyester's high-luster look can turn your design style up a notch. Have your pick from a rainbow of colors and carpet types. How about a warm-hued, shaggy polyester frieze carpet for the cozy den where the family gathers every night? Or a resilient, multicolor berber carpet in the basement, where your kids spend most of their free time and where you'd rather not see footprints and dirt between your weekly vacuum sessions.


Luckily, most options are solution-dyed polyester carpets, which means the dye is actually part of the fiber itself and not added after the fact. This results in carpeting that doesn't fade or bleed, so you can keep your drapes open all day without worrying about UV rays affecting your brand-new investment


How Does Polyester Compare to Other Carpet Types? 


Polyester vs. PET polyester carpet 


You probably won't be able to see a difference between these two fibers—that's how similar they are! The distinction is in their chemical makeup. 


Nylon vs. polyester carpet


When shopping for carpet, it's worth comparing the two more popular synthetic options. Does one work better for your family's lifestyle than the other?


As you consider nylon vs. polyester carpet, keep in mind that the quality of each can vary, so a lower-quality nylon could underperform a higher-quality polyester.  


What About Polyester Blends? 


As the name implies, this type of carpeting incorporates two different carpet fiber materials into one carpet. But what does this mean to you? More budget-friendly choices that perform better!


The combination of materials used in blends as well as their ratios can vary. Polyester blend carpet and PET polyester blend carpet are two common varieties. For example, you may consider a polyester and wool blend if you're set on a soft feel underfoot but at a more affordable price point. 


Lifespan and Installation


Spending a chunk of money on new flooring isn't easy, and once you do it, you want to make sure you're getting all you can from your new purchase. A long life for your new polyester carpet is dependent on a few factors, including: 


Though it may be tempting to try your hand at DIY carpet installation, you're better off leaving the tedious job to experienced pros. Your local Flooring Canada experts will ensure the installation is thorough, efficient, and meets the standards of your warranty. 


How to Maintain Your Polyester Carpet


The professional installers will leave your home with your beautiful new carpet in place, but how it goes from there is in your hands. Carpeting requires a little effort to maintain, but nothing too time-consuming or difficult. To keep your floors looking their best, vacuum regularly to remove dirt, debris, and pet hair that has accumulated, whether you can see it or not. 


When your toddler suddenly shows superhuman strength and launches his lunch into the living room, simply follow the manufacturer's guidance for a worry-free cleanup. When it comes to oil-based spills, clean them up quickly to avoid staining. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a polyester carpet last? 


The life of polyester carpeting varies from home to home since it's dependent on several variables. Was it installed properly and with high-quality materials? Do you keep it clean and well maintained? Is it less frequently walked on, or does it receive constant traffic because it's in areas that are always in use? The answers to all of these questions will influence how long your carpeting lasts.


What are the disadvantages of polyester carpet? 


Considering the advantages and disadvantages of any flooring choice is smart before making the investment. With polyester carpeting, the fibers are less durable than some others, such as nylon or wool, and may show wear sooner. Polyester fibers can also mat together if they're compressed for too long, such as under heavy furniture. 


Is polyester carpet unhealthy? 


Polyester carpeting isn't harmful to your health, though some polyester products may emit volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. This usually happens if they're treated with protective chemicals like flame retardants or installed with adhesives that off-gas. If you'd prefer, you can ask your installation expert to use eco-friendly adhesives and protective treatments. 


Is polyester carpet any good? 


Absolutely! The more appropriate question is whether polyester carpeting is good for your home's needs. It's a great alternative if you're shopping for an affordable, non-allergenic carpet that resists liquids and most stains.


What polyester carpet dye is best? 


If you're interested in a fade-resistant option that will hold its color indefinitely, you'll want a solution-dyed polyester carpet. This process adds the dye to the liquid that's used to create the polyester fiber itself. This built-in effect means no fading or bleeding, even after hours of direct sunlight pouring in through your living room windows!